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let’s talk about videos

September 5, 2013

Videos! In no particular order! Except they’re kind of in particular order because I put them like this hoping you’ll watch the first few before you really get bored.

1. Chase was doing some photography work for my Madre’s non-profit (she works there… she doesn’t own it). He had the idea for this little public service announcement. Mama Regan wrote a script, Chase took the photos, Paul Carabello did the audio and sound engineering and I edited the thing together (which was the smallest and easiest part). High-five for making this come together in about a 72 hour window. Also, how cool that all us Parkview high school kids (and Parkview kid’s husbands) are collaborating. Who said Springfield, MO wasn’t the creative outlet of the midwest?! (I’m pretty sure no one has commented on this either way).

2. The person who lived in my room before me in my house in DC holds a biannual one minute film festival (Summerval and Winterval). I had the lovely opportunity of attending and participating in “Winterval 2013: Chilled to the Max.” Although my one minute film did not win…. here it is.

I mean… who doesn’t want a breakfast sandwich delivered to their door? Also — the winning videos and other entries are here. They’re only a minute and there are some truly hilarious ones (although one of my favorites, a parody of the DC dating scene produced by Alice, is not internet appropriate and therefore will remain a hidden gem).

3. I don’t have any words to do this justice. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros ladies and gentleman. Heart=puddle on the floor.

4. Finally, if you have 7 minutes this is the most beautiful and cool short film I have seen in a while. The goal of my life is to make something this cool.

Seen any good short films lately?

summertime ♥ ♥ ♥

September 3, 2013


Hellooooooo September (and also, where did you come from?!). Over the weekend I gave my lovely out-of-town visitor Michelle, the grand Brooks Tour de DC. I’ll tell you about it sometime. It also sort of felt like a highlight reel of summer… which has been grand.

We’re not allowed to wear white pants anymore, yadda, yadda, but surely we’ve got a few more days to enjoy porch sitting, baseball games, picnics, and iced coffees, amiright?

1DC summertime photo edition! If you’re not into a slightly narcissistic photo montage, feel free skip the rest of this post. :)



Picnics ♥ JT/Jay Z concert ♥ a cat named Chuck ♥ kickball shenanigans ♥ paddleboarding
7There’s never really a good excuse for neon rompers… but there’s also not exactly a good excuse not to wear rompers…. so that’s a pretty difficult situation. ♥ That is my favorite mural in the city so far.



Visitors ♥ 4th of July ♥ an Alice in Wonderland house ♥ LJ has skillz8

Birthdays! ♥ Happy late birthday Lauren roommate! You’re a gem and I love you.10

4Fresh scallops ♥ too many skewers ♥ pretty views ♥ more friends.

High five if you’ve made it this far!

As a reward for your perseverance check out this amazingness.



August 16, 2013



I went home for a few days. I saw Real Madrid beat Inter Milan, I watched my grandma throw the first pitch out at the Cardinals game, I serendipitously got to hang out with a lot of my favorite Missouri people, AND I got to snuggle cats. Success!

And then I flew back to DC. And as we drove across the Arlington Memorial bridge towards the Lincoln, all lit up and with two people sitting on the backside (on what I can only imagine to be a pretty great date), I felt like I was home. So I  say, why have just one home when you can have two?


Over and out Friday!


August 2, 2013


Hello Friday! We’ve got an epic weekend of sorts planned over here in our corner of the District. It is birthday weekend part 1 (which will undoubtedly be followed by birthday weekend part 2 next weekend, although I’ll have to be there in spirit) and we’ve got some celebrating to do. How lucky that two roommates have birthdays in the same week? The same two roommates who kindly drank old fashioned’s with me on my birthday exactly one day after moving into the house. Their complete enthusiasm for celebrating this stranger’s birthday on a Monday evening in December was a pretty telling example of what I’d just moved into… which is the best house ever (have I mentioned this before?). :)

I digress. Before birthday weekend, (several weekends ago) there was an America Party (on Bastille day of all days!). Our friends Dani and Sang threw an all out America themed party… which may sound a bit like 4th of July, but it was better. And when I say they threw a party I actually mean they redecorated their house in red, white, and blue, made appropriately patriotic snacks, and required costumes.

So we donned all the America-ness we had and went to Baltimore.




Most American couple award goes to Rachel and Phil.


Dani has an amazing deck off her second floor bedroom where we hung out for a while after it stopped raining. This was one of my favorite parts of the night.


I’m loving Alice’s cape here. Speaking of which, happiest of birthdays to you pretty lady! You are warm and hilarious and have an infectious laugh and I love living with you. I forever want you to come home every day, sit on my couch, and discuss email marketing, client database systems and hashtags with me. Except for today, we can skip that on account of it being your birthday. Can’t wait to celebrate. <3



I finally had an excuse to wear my red, white and blue, sailor dress (because one can’t just wear such a thing on any given day).

Such a lovely night.

Ironically this was the same night that as we were celebrating America,
America’s legal system did not find justice for a teenager from Florida.
A reminder that this country that we celebrate still has much work to do.

all the good food.

July 30, 2013

Let’s talk about good things we’ve been eating around here lately. Other than salads, which we’ve discussed recently, there are things with blueberries, breakfast foods of many varieties, insanely delicious pasta and pizza on the grill (the grill!).

We’ll start with what I’d like to call, blueberry magic.


Oh, the pictures aren’t wowing you? Yeah, just make it. It’s like super easy and way delicious.

Thennnnnnn, there’s this situation.


I added pesto…. because I have a basil plant (that may or may not be covered in dust from the guys scrapping grout from in between the bricks in the house across the alley) that needed to be used. You should add pesto too.

Now let’s talk about breakfast…. which can really be enjoyed at any point in the day. I’m a pretty big fan of the brunch hour.


In late June Theresa and Emma were in town visiting (which we’ll get to soon-ish!) and it was also my friend Ginna’s birthday weekend, so I threw a brunch. Which turned into sort of an all day affair (as is sometimes the case with brunch)… but we ate so many delicious breakfast-y things!

I made these tried and true brown butter biscuits with cinnamon butter, a version of this broccoli quiche, sausage breakfast casserole (with sage sausage and sage cheddar cheese *mind blown*), these teeny cinnamon biscuits (which are really nothing without the sugary topping!) and rosemary potatoes (because you can never have too many carbs).


In our next installment of allthegoodfoodever, pizzas on the grill!

The Park Wedding

July 25, 2013


Because I’m taking my sweet time blogging this summer I’m just now getting to the fabulously fun (like, all the fun) Park wedding that I attended… circa early June. I flew into Kansas City on Thursday in time for drinks on a patio with lots of my favorite KCMO people.


What appears to be a business meeting is just some last minute speech prepping with a pre-game drink at The Peanut.


The rehearsal dinner was at The Cashew (closely related to The Peanut) in downtown KC and it was everything a rehearsal dinner should be. Drinks, good food, family, friends and good stories.

Speaking of stories—one of the first nights that Ali and Park hung out was at a Halloween party in 2008. They called for a ride after the party and Barber and I picked them up and drove them to their next location (400 yards around the block). We sat in my car for 45 minutes while the two of them told stories…. I have no idea what they were talking about but Park was dressed as an 80′s rap star in a jump suit and a wig and Ali was a trucker. Really this is how everyone should begin their happily ever after story.


No photos of the wedding (it was pretty!)… Lots of photos post wedding. In between the ceremony and the reception the wedding party+dates took a ride around KC on a trolley. Read: all the fun.


Allison is gooooooorrrrgeous. 


Shotgunning in the street… because ya know, they got married!





And then, ala Mackelmore, we danced…. and had a really, really, really, good time. Cocktails, dinner, speeches, fancier cocktails, dancing, more dancing, tequila(whyyyyy????), and a pallet slumber party.


You know it’s a good wedding when you’re eating breakfast at Mimi’s Diner still in your wedding attire (and looking rougggghhhhh).

The entire wedding weekend was filled with so much love and so much fun. Ali and Park are the kind of people that you just want to be around all the time… they’re infectiously fun and are about sharing it with everyone. I’m so happy and grateful to them for including me in the weekend. I feel like squealing and squeezing you both right now (I’m sure you can imagine this) thinking about how much fun that day was….

Can’t wait to see you soooooon! (And hey, maybe I’ll get around to sending your wedding gift before I see you in October? eh?)


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