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Wednesday Fiasco

February 10, 2010

Here is the story of my day. I went to work (middle school, language arts), the day went by quickly and all my classes were good and I came home looking forward to eating some left over brisket. (Seriously that's what I was thinking about on the way home).

So I arrived home and as I walked up the stairs Nala was meowing. She does this sometimes. Usually when we open the door she runs out on to the landing and looks around before we pick her up and bring her inside. Today I open the door and she steps out as I step in. I leave the door open as I take a few steps in take off my shoes. As I am putting the my weight all on one foot to remove the first show I look back and realize she's not on the landing while simultaneously hearing the most awful and pathetic screech ever. She was under the heel of my shoe!

Oh my God. So she limps away and then picks up her right front paw and just holds it awkwardly up in the air. (We have tripped over her before but I have never heard the sound that she made and she has never limped!) Already I am freaking out. I pick her up and carry her to the bed where she just lays with her paw in what I'm imagining to be a horrible position. Now close to tears, I decide that she needs to go the vet asap. Over the next 30 minutes the following unfolds…

She refuses to get in her carrier so I wrap her in a blanket and take her to the vet a few blocks away. They tell me x-rays are expensive but they'll just check her out.

Good news: her foot is not broken, probably just sore and she is now walking fine. Bad news: she has a bacterial yeast infection in her ears (who knew?!) and she has a rash on her stomach that needs treating. Seriously?!

On top of the two shots she received at the office I return home from the vet with a small cat pharmacy including ear drops, ear cleaning solution, 3 syringes with anti-inflammatory medicine, 5 antibiotic pills, topical spray for the rash and a one time dosage of flee and heart worm treatment. (All for the cost of my weekly paycheck). But while it was horrible to have stepped on her (and I think she may hate me now) it was really good that we discovered the other issues!

Lessons learned from said experience:

1. NEVER assume that Nala has run out to the landing and check before removing your shoes.

2. NEVER have children. I can not properly care for a kitten.

I know I said I would only talk about Nala on Sundays… I thought this merited a post though. :)


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  1. February 10, 2010 8:04 pm

    That brought me to almost tears as you were telling the story! I thought I killed Lilly once… when we brought her home from getting fixed, they sent with me 5 syringes of oral pain meds. They specifically said “give by mouth.” So I get home, she’s soo sore, so I want to give her the medicine. I finally get her to open her mouth and I squeeze it in. Almost IMMEDIATELY she starts freaking out. She’s foaming at the mouth, she army crawling around on the floor, she’s trying to puke here and there. I FREAKED out… I run out of my room to the kitchen where the meds were and quickly read the bag, thinking that maybe these were supposed to be topical? I thought I’d just injected her with poison! With medicine that was supposed to be rubbed on, not ingested! I was fighting back tears, it was horrible.
    Turns out, the medicine is REALLY bitter, which freaked her out and she didn’t like it. Some effects are foaming at the mouth. Good news. Needles to say I never gave her another dose, and she didn’t mind. What’s so sad about the whole thing is that I’m the evil person who gave her the medicine, but she’s such a people lover and trusts me sooo much that while she’s freaking out, she’s trying to get into my arms, thinking that I can surely stop the pain. It was horrible. I thought I’d killed her.
    Moral of story: Beware of syringe cat medicine.

  2. Dad permalink
    February 11, 2010 12:07 am

    Oh, my, sounds kind of like when the chain broke on the swing, and your baby brother Tim and I fell on the patio, and we started to race to the ER, and you cried because we did not buckle your car seat before we sped out of the driveway. Reminds me of that!

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