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Monday Excitement

February 22, 2010

Several exciting things happened today…. First, I worked at a Middle School. When I got there I was surprised to learn that I was teaching "Advanced and Gifted" 6th grade science. Teaching anything with the word gifted is ALWAYS exciting because of how well behaved the students generally are. So that was fun!

Next, after arriving home I got a phone call from my friend letting me know that her wedding dress had arrived and did I want to go pick it up with her?! Yes, please! I had to document the final trying on of course…. and here are a few pics! I'm 99.99% certain her fiance will never see this but I won't include her head just in case.



Pretty, pretty, right!

So the third exciting thing was Monday night Zumba class. I'm looking for a good video so those of you unfamiliar with Zumba can get an idea of what I'm talking about when I explain it as a salsa-ish, hip-hop cardio dance class. :)

The final excitment happened with dinner. We haven't been to the grocery store in a while so it's pretty slim pickings…The only kind of meat we have currently is Italian Sausage. Random, I know (I had to buy a huge batch of it when I needed a little for a spaghetti sauce). We also have a Sam's size jar of pesto. So I decided to make an Italian Sausage Pesto Pasta. I sauteed the meat, added frozen peas and a bunch of spices. I boiled the pasta, added butter, milk, pesto and mixed with the meat mixture. Top with parmesan and done.

Surprisingly awesome. The picture doesn't do it justice, I promise.


Yay for it almost being Tuesday! I'll have pictures of a little project I'm working on coming up soon! 

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