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February 23, 2010

Today I taught high school art! The kids water colored and I crocheted… all day. Here's where it's at currently. I used to be able to whip around the square and now it seems to take FOREVER to go around once.


Speaking of crocheting/knitting….My Mom sent me a link to this website ( ) where an Olympic athlete competing in this year's games sells knitted beanie hats in order to help fund her training. Here's what the "about" portion of her page says:

"Hi! My
name is Noelle Pikus Pace and I began bobsledding in 2000 at the Utah
Olympic Park in Park City, Utah. One year later I fell in love with the
sport of skeleton. Basically, I sprint 40 meters and dive head first
onto my "cookie sheet" looking sled and manuever my way down a mile
long ice track… going 80 miles per hour with my chin just an inch off
of the ice. I absolutely love it. I have been competing on the U.S.
World Cup Team since 2003. It has been an amazing experience to be able
to travel the world and compete at such an elite level. Going into the
2006 Olympic Games, I was ranked 1st in the world. At our Olympic
Trials, a bobsled flew out of the track where I and four other
teammates were standing. I sustained an open tibia/fibula fractue (a
broken leg). My Olympic dream was shattered. Despite my efforts to make
it back to compete, I was named as the alternate to the Olympic team.
The following season, I felt like I didn't have anything else to give.
I was ready to be done competing… but when it came down to it, I knew
I couldn't give up on my dream to compete in the Olympics. I competed
the following season (2006-2007) and became the first American woman to
win the World Championship title! (Wahoooo!) I took the 2008 season off
to have a little girl, Lacee Lynne. She is the greatest joy of our

Now I'm
back on track to reach my dream. I want to represent the United States
at the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, Canada in February, 2010!
That's where SnowFire comes into play. I have always wanted to start my
own business and could definitely use the financial assistance to help
me make it to the Olympic Games. Instead of relying solely upon
corporations for sponsorships or family and friends for donations I
decided to do all that I could possibly do to help myself ge
t there"

Pretty amazing right? If crocheting blankets had to support me I would not make it very far. :) I think that Noelle just missed winning bronze in skeleton by a few seconds.

I follow this really good blog called "Big Girls, Small Kitchen" (found here) and it's full of recipes that always sound good. Tonight I made Breakfast Quesadilla's which is the most recent post of the blog if you check it out. They were SO good, if not so "breakfasty… " You make this cilantro garlic mixture and spread it on the inside of the tortilla… fill with cheese, caramelized onions and I added sausage (remember the tons that I have)… fold over, grill and top with this delicious sour cream, lime, and chili topping. Sounds weird, go read the actual recipe and you will understand! :) Check how how pretty it looks too.


A little while ago I got an email from some random career tip website and the article emailed was titled "5 Things You Need to Give Up to Get a Job." I'm mainly having trouble letting go of one of the five… That being summer vacation. Apparently most jobs don't offer three months of warm weather bliss. I guess I'm doomed to an eternity of education and substitute teaching…. :)

Happy Wednesday!

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