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We vacuumed!

February 28, 2010

Generally vacuuming does not bring about the excitment implied by the title of this post. I'm a little embarrassed to share that since we moved into our apartment (in August) we had not vacuumed until today. Whoops! We don't have one!

I felt that after wedding dress shopping and beer can chicken apparatus lending (see below) my neighbor and I were reading to take our relationship to the next level; vacuum loaning. Ciarra was so nice and didn't mind one bit if we keep her vacuum for a few days! We never wear shoes in our 'wall to wall' carpeted apartment… so it wasn't exactly gross, but inevitably 'stuff' gets in the carpet so we were really excited to finally have gotten this under control!

Next, I mentioned yesterday that I took a sewing class! So fun! Now I of course want a sewing machine… Speaking of which; whoever invented the sewing machine is a genious. Seriously. A class was definitely necessary in order to learn the basics of simply threading the machine!

First we learned the basic terminology of fabric and the machine… we learned how to cut and pin patterns… and then we made something…. A pillowcase! Thrilling I know. :) It's so exciting to have it though and know that I totally made the whole thing! I didn't know we were going to make something or else I might have bought something other than the absolute cheapest fabric in the whole store which was…. solid green. haha.


Nice close up of my superb stitching there…. :)

On to the beer chicken…

The other day I bought one of those little whole chickens for $5. I looked up how to cook it and decided that roasting it was the way to go. Since I don't have a roasting pan it was pretty much going to be like baking it at a high temperature. At Zumba class I mention to Ciarra that I was going to cook one and she got excited and asked me if I wanted to make a beer chicken…. Not really knowing what that meant I said sure.   

It turns out that it's this little device that holds a beer (or soda) can that you fill half way with beer and then stick the chicken on. Like so…

I used that sparkling water can and filled it half way with Miller Lite. :) Than I rubbed olive oil, butter, pepper, thyme and some basil all over the outside and under the skin.

The chicken was supposed to cook at 450 degrees for about 75 minutes. You might notice that my pan looks a little worn… it's also a low quality Walmart brand… So the butter melted and dripped into the pan and for whatever reason it started smoking! I didn't want to stop the cooking so I just opened the window, set up a fan and turned my microwave fan on high! Despite this the chicken turned out perfect and delicious!


Other than these adventures I've been deep cleaning all weekend! Happy Monday to all.

(Kitten trying out my pillow. She approved!)  

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