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Mac & Cheese Delight

March 2, 2010

So I had a fun "do it yourself" post planned and than I made macaroni and cheese. It was the BEST mac and cheese I've ever encountered. It was a Rachel Ray recipe and the sauce was mainly made out of cream, cheese, and chicken stock… so it definitely didn't get a check mark in the healthy column. :)

When I was younger we only ate mac and cheese on nights when my parents went out and we had a babysitter. This is due to the fact that my Mother hates mac and cheese. I mean hates it. She even hates the sound the cheesy noodles make when you stir them. :)

When she was in elementary school she went to a Catholic school run by nuns. She took her lunch to school every day except for this one particular day that (for a reason she can't recall) she didn't… Guess what was being served for lunch? Mac and cheese. The students sat at long tables with bench seats and at the end of the meal you could not get up until the person in front of you did. She was of course, on the end that got up first and you could not get up until you ate all of your food (you see where this is going). So the mean nuns told little 6 year old Linda that African children were starving because she wouldn't eat her mac and cheese. Unfortunately this is where the story ends because I can't remember the outcome. haha. (Maybe she can fill us in?) Moral: She hates mac and cheese and it was a super treat in our family.

Back to the amazing mac and cheese… The ingredients called for mushrooms and tomatoes of which I had neither. I added corn, peas and onions and it was still awesome. And of course, the reason I decided to make it was because the recipe also called for Italian sausage… which I'm still trying to get rid of. 

I'll try and find a link for the recipe. Mine was from a book but I'm sure it's online… Happy Halfway through the week!


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  1. March 3, 2010 8:13 pm

    are those brown beans?

  2. March 3, 2010 10:03 pm

    Haha. Yes, there was a little bit mixed in with the corn already.

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