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Feature Friday ~ Blogs

March 26, 2010

Today's Feature Friday is a bit different than before… Instead of featuring a specific business I am featuring some of my most favorite blogs! I may feature some of these people and their businesses in a "regular" Feature Friday in the future but here are links to their blogs/shops so you can go ahead and check them out.

1. The very first blog I ever subscribed to in google reader was A Beautiful Mess by Elsie Flannigan. Elsie is pretty much the Queen of crafts in Springfield, MO where she runs a cute little shop on Commercial Street called Red Velvet Art. She's published a book, has a line of scrapbooking paper and supplies and is constantly teaching interesting online classes!


This is one of the dresses in the Red Velvet Art spring 2010 line! You can check out Elsie's Etsy here as well!

2. Next is a blog by Lisa Congdon titled "A Collection a Day." Lisa is an artist and illustrator who posts one picture a day of a collection that she owns (sometimes she draws one that she wishes she owned!) I love this because it is quick to read and always interesting. She's got TONS of stuff!

A few examples….


3. Apartment Therapy. This blog is overwhelmingly awesome. It's a business and not run by a single person… There are usually around 50-60 posts a day about anything and everything having to do with decorating, designing, painting, efficiently using storage space and anything else you can imagine involving an apartment. I can get lost in this blog.

4. While we are on the topic of decorating I'll go ahead and mention Young House Love! This is a relatively new addition to my reader but I absolutely love it!

John and Sherry are young newly-ish weds who bought their first house and are sharing their journey of fixing it up with the world! They literally do everything themselves and are always working on a tight budget! Their posts are incredibly detailed and informative! You can also check out their own DIY wedding, party ideas, fun trips and other miscellaneous projects! They have been featured on HGTV and are available for hire for anyone in need of design help!

5. The Sew Weekly is definitely my favorite sewing blog! Mena is sewing one piece of clothing a week for the entire year! She shares her fun fabric and pattern finds and sometimes sells extras in her Etsy shop. She often makes 40's and 50's inspired dresses and it makes me want to be really good at sewing one day!

 Alright… That's it for the first installment of Feature Friday today…. I may post a second installment this afternoon. Right now my parents and I are getting ready to head south to see the the St. Louis Cardinals play in spring training. :) 

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