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Maybe one day…

April 9, 2010

The blog Apartment Therapy has lots and lots of unbelievably cool apartments and is always featuring innovative ideas for small spaces. They also feature furniture and decorating tips. The only downfall (if you can call this a downfall) is that they average about 40 posts a day! This means that it's a little overwhelming and I definitely can't look at all of the posts everyday so they just stack up in my google reader….

The boyfriend just bought a new computer (because his pretty much died!) meaning that he's all excited and uploading anti-virus software…. so I took a few minutes and to peruse Apartment Therapy. Here are several super cool places that I wouldn't mind living in one day….

First, this is a newly renovated home on Cape Cod. All alone in the woods this would be a perfect retreat! That is if you can cough up $5,000 week it takes to rent the place. :)

Cape cod

This is a totally funky hotel room located in Denmark. A few years ago Volkswagen commissioned several artists to design rooms after their cars… This one apparently represents the Fox. 


I LOVE this kitchen. Owned by two guys in Barcelona, the floor is cork and the cabinets are made out of recycled wine crates…. 
Wine crates

This little baby is a road car…. one of six built by Ford in the 1930's. This one was recently uncovered in someone's garage. Seriously?! I'd totally live here.


This is a photo of the inside…. awesome.
Oh, maybe one day…. :)

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