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11 questions.

April 16, 2010



So Rachel over at Smile and Wave (another of my favorite blogs!) posted one of these "love/hate, ten questions, etc, etc," survey things. She expressed that generally she doesn't participate in these sorts of surveys and I mainly think they are kind of hokey myself but this one seemed fun! (And all the cool kids are doing it…)

1. When do you feel happiest?

When I'm with my lovely boyfriend, friends or family or seriously lost in the moment.

2. How do you take care of yourself?

Naps! I'm a huge fan of the afternoon nap… I also try to eat healthy but sometimes candy gets in the way.

3. Are you internally (by yourself) or externally (by others) motivated?
Definitely both. It just depends what the activity is…

4. What do you do for fun?

(What do I not do for fun?) Play games, make plans with the boyfriend, do crafts, sew, drink wine, bake, sit around and do nothing with my friends, travel, go on adventures, read, run, watch movies, play with kitten….

5. What intimidates you?

Babies and kindergarten classes. I feel like I have zero control.

6. What is something you're proud of?

My family. My boyfriend in law school. Keeping this blog going for more than a week.

7. Finish this sentence. I never _____________.

Take an unnecessary shower. Eat water chestnuts. Say never.

8. Favorite vacation spot(s).

Ireland, Long Boat Key, San Diego and London. 

9. Today is a (rate from 1 – 10).

10! Hello, it's Friday!

10. Finish this sentence. If you knew me really well you'd know_____________.

That I can probably eat more than you, I'm always happy, and I'm planning on being independently wealthy in a few years.

Pretty dressFeel free to copy and paste or share your own answers in the comments section!

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