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Feature Friday, Sunday ~ Haley Goes to India

April 18, 2010


Image designed by Tamra Call, via Haley's Blog.


Today's feature is a bit different than the previous businesses and organizations that have been on the blog. I'd like to share the amazing story/plans of a friend of mine, Haley Grayless. Haley is a mutual friend of Paige and I and each time we meet I am inspired by her attitude towards life and her constant pursuit of bettering the lives of others.

She graduated last year from the University of Missouri where she spent four years very involved in her community. On the unbelievable list of organizations that Haley donated her time to are Jumpstart  (an Americorps program), Granny's House and her local church, The Crossing. She describes some of her best memories of college as time spent with the Rwandan children whom she befriended while volunteering at Granny's House.

Haley's most recent endeavor has been raising funds and planning for her upcoming two year stay in India. When she was 15 Hayley became aware of the sex trafficking and sex slavery happening in India and the country has been on her mind ever since. She will be working with an organization called Vessels International in New Delhi, India that is working to decline sex slavery, possibly the worst human rights violation happening in the world today. 

Recently Haley created this amazing video to share with others the reality of what is happening to young women and girls and the need for her to travel to India. (If you are viewing this in a 'reader' you may have to visit the actual blog to view the video!) 

I thought that this was definitely worth sharing with as many people as possible. Below, I've linked ways to contact Haley and to read more information about her trip.

Haley's Call to India from haley grayless on Vimeo.

~ Haley's Blog!

~ Haley receives a portions of the profits when items are purchase from her "Lemonade Stand!"

~ For further questions, comments or other ways to help you can contact Haley at:

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  1. Paige permalink
    April 18, 2010 9:14 pm

    My friends are amazing. Thanks for featuring Bizzo on your blog, Katie!

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