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Homemade FroYo

April 26, 2010

Ever since I spent a summer in New York I've been obsessed with frozen yogurt; Pink Berry, Mochi, Yoga Berry, Happy Cup, etc…. The downfall is that these places are a bit on the pricey side making them hard to enjoy very often. I'm not sure why I never thought of making my own before yesterday?!

Last night I stumbled upon a frozen yogurt recipe (on a blog) that was adapted from an ice cream cook book. Ambiguous right? I seriously can't re-find the website and I'm not sure of the cookbook (if you know let me know so I can attribute it)….

Anyway…. The recipe was super simple but it called for an ice cream maker (obviously). Since we don't have one I decided to use the old homemade coffee can version. A little more time/effort intensive but totally worth it.

You need the following items:

– 3 cups Greek style yogurt

– 3/4 cup sugar

– 1 Tbs. vanilla

– one 1 lb. coffee can and one 3 lb  coffee can

– ice 

– rock salt

Mix the yogurt, sugar and vanilla in the smaller can. Place small sealed can in the larger can and surround with ice and salt. 

If you are doing this with a normal ice cream make just mixer the ingredients and follow the ice cream maker directions. If you are doing it the totally awesome way than it's time for the work. Seal the large can (you may want to use some tape) and start rolling. We sat across from each other and rolled the can back and forth. We checked it after about 15 minutes, stirred and continued for about another 15 minutes. 

Annnnnd, ta-da!

I prefer mine with fruit and chocolate… The possibilities for flavors are seemingly endless though. I think lemon would be nice to try next!


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  1. Dad permalink
    April 27, 2010 12:09 am

    We have that crank ice cream freezer that has not been out of the garage in a few years. When you are here late May/early June, let’s get it out and create FroYo !!

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