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Operation ‘Non Response Follow Up”

April 27, 2010

Today I started training for my new temporary job as an Enumerator with the Census Bureau. Woo-woo. Enumerator is just a fancy word for the people who knock on the doors of those that didn't respond to the mailed version of the census. Hence, Non Response Follow Up.

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Today was mostly spent filling out forms and getting acquainted with what we will be doing… I feel like I could probably formulate a more efficient/logical way to run the training sessions (not to be elitist) but I think that about a lot of things. :) I can't reveal very much info or else the government will come after me and demand my badge and parking pass back and we wouldn't want that. 

In all serious though; the census is really important and very necessary and I'm excited to get started census-ing. I also think it'll be cool that 72 years from now (when Title 13 allows for information to be released) when someone searches for their ancestors online it'll be my handwriting that their great grandmother's information is written in (assuming that they are going to scan these documents we are filling out and not going to input them in to a program).

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  1. April 27, 2010 10:09 pm

    hahaha craig was gunna do that too but the training was on weekdays during the day, so he can’t now.

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