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annnnnnddddd, we’re back!

May 21, 2010

I'm still sans working computer although one is en route as we speak (a very generous anonymous donor offered to help me purchase one and a new macbook pro should be arriving soon!!). Once it arrives blogging should get back on schedule… :) 

During the computer failure hiatus LOTS has happened. Here's a brief photo journey of recent happenings around Casa Brooks/Barber.

First and foremost, the boyfriend finished law school! :) This opened up lots of time for fun and games. 

We went to the beach…

and we grilled steak, chicken and vegetables on our tiny $14 grill….

and I sewed another apron…

we went kayaking…

courtesy of Stacey!

and we slept on our hide-a-bed all weekend so we could watch movies (The Blind Side, The Cove and Zombie Land) and the Law and Order SVU marathon.

of course kitten has been enjoying herself…

we attempted to take self timer pictures before going out to eat for the "Barber finished his first year of law school" dinner courtesy of Kent. we were slightly unsuccessful… :)


a huge box came in the mail!

and inside was a tent!

phew! we've also played tennis, eaten lots of frozen yogurt, packed and cleaned, seen Robin Hood and are now looking forward to being in Missouri very soon!!  

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