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There’s a reason….

June 21, 2010

… that I've been totally absent! For the past two weeks the boyfriend and I have spent they majority of our time in a lovely little town called Windsor located about an hour south of KCMO. We've been decorating, purchasing and organizing in preparation for his Dad's wedding. 

We were given the challenge of styling and decorating a totally barren barn on his family's property… as well as also purchasing alcohol, placing signs, organizing bar tenders, figuring out logistics, keeping various parties happy and trying not to kill each other or lose our sanity. 

The biggest issue by far though was the decorating of the barn. The barn was the location of the ceremony and the goals were to provide a soft light effect and to "lower" the ceiling. Here's a few pics of what we started with….

 So you see what we're working with here… 30 hours, several pulley systems, 50 lanterns, many many twinkle lights and yards of felt later here's what we accomplished.

 A twinkly light dance floor!

 And here are a few pics of the decorations with the reception in full swing so you can get the whole effect!

 Barber and I were really proud of our little bar… these are the lovely friends who came to bar tend for us!

 And here is the dance floor all lit up! Pretty cute right…. 

I didn't take any pictures of the actual ceremony which was held on the lawn/back deck of the house. If I can get ahold of some I'll share pictures because it was a very unique and crazy fun wedding! 

To end on a funny note: About 4 hours before this whole shin dig was about to kick off a crazy storm rolled through town! I'm talking high winds and pouring rain… 

 Luckily the storm rolled right on through leaving us with non-humid 80 degree weather that could not have been more perfect. Here's a picture of Barber and I being really scared that everything was about to go to hell if the storm didn't pass!

 All in all a pretty damn well decorated reception thank you very much. :)

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  1. June 22, 2010 10:41 am

    you’re hired.

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