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John gets his appendix out

June 22, 2010

Just like Madeline did, remember? :) On Sunday morning Barber woke up at around 5 a.m. with sharp stomach pains… At first we just wrote it off as an after affect of wedding celebratory drinking. At 2 in the afternoon when he was curled in the fetal position with a pain level described as an 8 we decided to get it checked out.  

Here he is in the emergency clinic at the hospital. Poor boyfriend.

Although his CT scan didn't show anything irregular they decided to monitor him overnight and ultimately decided to remove the appendix this morning. While it wasn't inflamed the appendix was about twice the size (4 inches) of a normal appendix and was pulled underneath his colon which is apparently irregular and probably the cause of the pain. 

Here's a super awful iphone photo of a photo of the appendix next to a ruler (the doc gave us a good pic!)

He's doing pretty well and should be going home from the hospital in the morning. What are the odds that this would happen after finals are over, the morning after his Dad gets married and when we're in Missouri close to family??? As my Dad said, "he planned that well."

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