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“the one where John and Katie split up”

August 12, 2010

Don't get nervous! We're not literally splitting up… just figuratively. Or perhaps the other way around? 

Some of you know that instead of re-entering the work world (ha!) this fall I've chosen to continue my education in the form of a master's degree from Florida State University in Tallahassee. I'm really looking forward to the two year program and am *gasp* ready to be back in school (we'll see how I feel a month from now!)

FsuThis is all good and exciting except for the small issue of the boyfriend and I having to live in two different places. He will be continuing his law degree in Jacksonville and I'll be two and a half hours west in Tallahassee. We've already started the process of downsizing from our humongous two bedroom to two single compartments apartments and we're scheming about creative ways to see each other on the weekends with our single car situation. :)

All will be good and we will both (hopefully) graduate in two years with higher education degrees and (hopefully) not be too many thousands of dollars in debt!

Barber and i
 p.s. i know you're concerned…. we'll be sharing joint custody of kitten although she will primarily be living with me in Tallahassee.

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