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home ec class!

August 25, 2010

Soooo, some lovely ladies (and fantastic bloggers), Leigh-AnnRachel and Courtney are putting on a Home Ec sewing class that began in early August.     

It's nice because they post a project a day and then the projects will be left up on a private blog for a whole year. Each project teaches a new sewing skill or technique and I have already learned something that made my life WAY easier. They answer questions, have live chats and have set up a "student lounge" on flickr where we can all share our projects. Since I figured I'd have lots of free time while in grad school (ha) I obviously signed up. I figure I'll share the projects every once in a while once I have finished a few.

Project 1: Napkins

My napkin turned out fairly well although it was actually a bit more complicated than I expected. I didn't really foresee myself needing a set of cloth napkins in the near future so I only made one in order to save precious fabric! (This fabric is a 'vintagey' variety from my Mama).

Project 2: Drawstring pouch/bag


(bad iphone photo, sorry!) 

This little guy was actually pretty simple and I definitely see more of them in my future. The striped fabric is from my Madre as well (I think it was used to make something in my room when I was little?).

Project 3: Double sided purse/bag (a.k.a. favorite project so far)

Side 1.


Side 2.


The bag was supposed to be a bit taller than it is wide but mine turned into almost a square (ahem, exact measurement = not my forte). :) The pink and the green fabric on either side were originally cheap bandanas. For some reason in high school before I even knew how to sew I bought approximately 6 yards of the orange silky looking stuff I used for the straps…. I originally used it because I have a ton of it and I don't know what to do with it but once complete I kinda love it!

I have to wait for a trip to Joann's before doing anymore projects…. I have already deduced that there is not a city bus that will take me there so I must wait for next weekend and the return of the boyfriend! :)

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