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September 7, 2010

Oooookkkk. Don't be disturbed by the title! I'm not in trouble! :) I applied for a job and I need your help/support to better my chances of getting it….

Some of you may heard of the talented Jason Sadler over at I Wear Your Shirt. He literally does just that. Every day of the year he wears a t-shirt from a different company. He streams a live video blog, takes photos and shares information about the company all day. Because he and I Wear Your Shirt advertising is becoming so wildly successful…. they are hiring! 

This is where you come in; I had to make a video application video that I uploaded to the I Wear Your Shirt site. My video can be found here! I need you to watch the video and leave a comment! Comments = better chance of being hired! If you're feeling overzealous/super helpful you will notice the little buttons where you can tweet the link or "like" it…. Click on those suckers! Or there's a spot where you can copy and paste the URL to your own blog, website, facebook, social media extravaganza, etc. 

Thanks for your help! Woot woot!

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