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New Banner/Sewing Class

October 21, 2010

If you’re reading this right now (at my site and not in a reader) than you may have noticed the new banner directly above! My lovely graphic designing Mother just sent it to me this morning. Back when she worked as a full time freelance graphic designer she worked with print publications and never dealt with pixels or dpi so it was a bit of a challenge for both of us! Haha. It turned out so well and I’m glad that Nala got to be incorporated! Thanks Mom!

Remember the sewing class I started in August. I’ve still been slowly working my way through the classes. This project is my favorite so far (don’t I always say that?) When it comes to craft supplies I’m pretty crazy and obsessive. You can customize this pouch to fit anything but I decided to make it a home to my most favorite markers (call me crazy.)

The lining fabric has little lines and taking a photo gave it somewhat of the effect of taking a picture of a computer screen…. The black flowered fabric is oil cloth (kind of slick and canvas-y) and I think I might use the left overs to create an apron!

There are still a few more layout changes coming to the blog… How do you like everything so far?

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