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A Greco/Millay Wedding

June 6, 2011

When I was a wee senior in high school my Mom forced me to visit William Jewell. My overnight stay was hosted by a soccer player, Miss Erica Greco. I had a lovely stay and I remember that Greco let me sleep in her bed while she took the floor (this is quite telling of her generosity). So then I went to Jewell and we became real friends…. and teammates…. and occasional dance partners.

I have so, so many good memories with Greco and my experience at Jewell would not have been the same without her. She was an unbelievably good team leader and she set the bar high with her standards and integrity. Team dinners at her house, a ridiculously fun trip to Colorado, numerous competitive games of catch phrase, silly wine nights and summer soccer camps are just a few of the fun times…. We’ve also had many good times at the Greco lake house and I know that there will be lots more fun weekends in the future.

I could go on and on with fun times and memories but let me just get right to it — Erica ‘no-longer-Greco’ got hitched last weekend!

I flew back to KC on Friday to partake in the lovely Erica Greco Millay’s wedding weekend. It, was fun.

Taking her practice walk down the aisle very seriously! :)

Soccer girls/bridesmaids and a soon-to-be-bride at the rehearsal dinner.

Saturday was so much fun and I was amazed at how, for lack of a better term, low key, it was…. We got our hair done, we drank mimosa’s, we got dressed, we took photos, and everything was stress free and fun. I loved getting to spend time with so many of my close friends for an entire day.

I loved this flower that Greco and her mom embellished with feathers and netting.

Looking stunning in her gorgeous dress.

Pretty soccer bridesmaids… yes you can be impressed with our reflection photography.

We each carried a different type of flower in our bouquet and Greco carried a combination of everyones. Mine are the gerber daisies at the bottom right (my favorite).

How cute are the boys in their gray tuxes?

And quite stylish with their Vans!

I’m a little disappointed because I failed to take pictures of the inside of the reception room, the dessert table, the pretty cake or the center pieces. Everything was beautiful and I was apparently just having too much fun to document all of the amazingly coordinated details. I did get a picture with the newlyweds though!

I had a fantastic time and I was quite honored to be a part of such a gorgeous and special day.

Congratulations Brett and Erica!

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