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Jello Shot meets Chic

June 7, 2011

Raise your hand if you’ve ever taken a jello shot out of a dixie cup…. or perhaps eaten one with a spoon out of an ice cube tray…. yes? Ok good.

I’ll be honest — dixie cups have been getting the job done for years. They’re cheap, the perfect size and they come in a variety of different colors and patterns (Christmas dixie cups anyone?!). But lets be real — 22 year old college coeds shooting jiggly liquor infused jello out of dixie cups is one thing but after that it becomes a little, ahem, frowned upon. I mean I haven’t been to any weddings offering jello shots have you?

Someone brilliant recognized this conundrum and created the classiest, prettiest, most delicious looking Jelly Shots I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Gorgeous no? It’s like  jello jiggler meets classy chic.

Lyndsey posted these are her blog last week and I decided I needed to make some immediately. Upon arriving in Kansas City at 8:45 a.m. on Friday I proceeded downtown to pick up my bridesmaids dress (long story) and then headed to the grocery store for supplies.

I decided to make the multi-colored marble ones and a few with a candy mold. The directions are extremely straight forward on the website…. I filled 4 loaf pans with two different colors of jello/liquor mixture — red and yellow — and let harden. Then I sliced them into cubes and mixed them together in a 9×13″ pan.

I was sort of expecting the little squares to be fragile but I just scraped them out of the loaf pans with my fingers. Then I made another gelatin mixture and added a little bit of condensed milk to make it white and poured it over the squares.

Let this layer harden and voila!

Looking at these pictures makes me realize how hard they were to photograph. I promise that in person they looked pretty. The presentation on this plate is lacking a bit….

I also made a few with a mold and put them on sticks but the color didn’t turn out as pretty as expected…. They did taste delicious though.

Pretty fun right? If you’ve looked at the link to the original website posted above  you will also notice that the possibilities are endless.

A few things I learned in the process. These are best kept cold and then served….. If I were serving them at a party I would keep them refrigerated on trays and then put them out right at the beginning. I transported mine in a tupperware container and they had about 45 minutes to warm up during a car ride. The warmer they get the softer they get until they just melt completely. I left one batch in the hot car for an hour and they just turned to liquid. The other batch I took inside once I arrived and they just got a little jigglier as the day went on. I would also not recommend leaving them in a container for too long because they kind of started to smell funny (this may have been because they were unrefrigerated though).

All in all — lots of fun. And SO much classier than a dixie cup!

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  1. June 8, 2011 9:20 am

    Yay!!!!! These look awesome! And it’s so much easier to see them now, not on my phone haha. Fantastic!… and you answered my melting question. I was wondering how long they’d last if I had them at my 80 degrees outdoor wedding reception. Maybe I can have them sitting in beds of ice?….


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