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A day in Instagram

June 28, 2011

So I know I’m a little late to the Instagram party but I’m not gonna lie, it’s kinda fun. I’m a huge fan of a random Asian app called Pudding camera for the iphone but Instagram is coming in hot for a close second….. For those of you living under a rock that aren’t familiar — Instagram is a camera app that gives your pictures fun vignetting, colors, fades and borders.

Without further ado — A typical (totally rad and awesome) day as captured by Instagram.

Goooooood morning office!

A little live tweeting during DREAM Act hearing in the Senate this morning.

As anyone might have guessed, my desk is a bit untidy (organized chaos I say!).

A quick afternoon break in the park.

Afternoon training session for next weeks conference (#CPNC11 — Did ya hear? Bill Clinton’s coming!)

Family+Friends, Love+Life, Equality+Respect, Pride+Joy. Amen Macy’s window poster, amen.

Trivia! We stumbled upon the most intense bar trivia ever this afternoon…..

And we won! This dream team will be back next week to drink $50 of free alcohol (#winning) and defend our title.

The end.

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