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{Warning}: Heavy on Kitten Photos

August 2, 2011
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You may have read about our new kitten, LJ. A few days ago my Mom asked me if I was going to just forget about Nala now that we have a new little kitkat. Puh-lease mother.

But what has Nalabelle been up to this summer you ask? Well let me tell you – since CO miss bear has been on vacay at Casa de Regan/Brooks in Springtown. I tell ya, she’s got it made. She spends her days watching squirrels from her perch, sitting on the back porch, running up and down stairs, finding new hiding spots and all around exploring three floors of un-charted territory.

When we first got Nala my Mom told me that I took more pictures of Nala (that she received via text message) than she took of me and Tim when we were little. Although I would argue that this is incorrect I just told her that because phones now have cameras it was much more accesible and easy to take pictures all the time.

Guess where all these pictures came  from? Yep, they’re iphone photos from Mama Regan and Papa Brooks. They’re kind enough to send me at least one a day…. Only for my benefit I’m sure.

My favorite is her sleeping by the scratching post. Seeya soon Bearski!

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