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August 30, 2011

Google is crazy y’all. There’s this not-so-new phenomena called smart ads (or something) and after you’ve been viewing a certain something on the internet it pops up a little bit later as a side bar ad. Have you noticed this?

I swear I hardly ever internet shop and I really don’t spend that much time browsing different sites…. but somehow I continually stumble upon heels with bows! They will just be hanging out over there on the right side of my screen saying “hey, look how pretty I am!”

You may remember these (a real life stumble) or these?

Well maybe the internet gods are saying something. So I’m making it a feature. Heels with bows people — It’ll only happen once a week so if heels with bows aren’t your thing… just skip it. I’ll see if I can collect and find every single heel with a bow ever made (only the cute ones that is).

The ones above are Kate Spade and can be found here.

And these pretties, which I would definitely where to work (if I had a job), can be found here.

Does anyone else like bows on their shoes? Or is this just me?

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