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the last, first day

August 30, 2011

Today was quite possibly my (and Barberlawyer’s) last first day of school. Weird.

If it paid well enough I’d probably be a student forever.

This semester I’m taking 3D video production (mixed feelings), Media, Culture and the Environment (excited!) and doing an independent study with a professor. I’ll also still be teaching public speaking (fun!) and TA-ing a new undergrad course called Communication Careers Practicum (hoping I get some pointers).

I’ve also had a few questions about the whole living situation now that Barberino has moved in… hold your horses folks. I’ve got “before” pictures but we’re still, ahem, finishing up the “after” ones.

If you’re still reading after that scattered bit of literary greatness here are a few pics to liven things up.

I unburied my sewing machine to make a little bunting banner for Barber’s cousin’s baby. Her name’s Olivia but we’re going to call her Livy. :)

It’s a little wonky but I’m attributing that to rustiness after several months of not sewing. I promise that in actual light the colors are not so harsh and more “soft-baby-light-pink-&-green.”

On Friday I went to a 1920’s themed benefit bash for the Boys and Girls Club. Due to seriously last minute notice I’m only sort of 1920’s… but I got to wear my favorite headband (hello!) and favorite cocktail dress and it was fun so I’m happy.

And I made what started out as pasta salad and turned in to vegetable-salad-with- noodles for a bbq on Saturday. Perhaps I’ll post the recipe soon.

Thanks for sticking around for my first, last day meanderings.


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