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Art Tour!

September 7, 2011

So Barberino and I sort of have a lot of what we’ll go ahead and call artwork. Our collection is a conglomeration of cool things that we’ve collected over the the past few years.

When we first moved to Jacksonville we had 1200 sq. ft. of space and lots of walls to fill. Now we have 525 sq ft. and 6 walls…. four of which are concrete. Thus, we made an art wall in our living room. A litte random? Maybe. Colorful? Uh, yeah. Do we like it? A lot.

Here’s a little tour of our collection.

1]. A partially metallic Alice in Wonderland print I got at a poster fair in college. I love Alice in Wonderland and the details in this print are so cool. 2]. A picture of Barber and I before we were dating at a SIFE conference expo in Chicago. We are standing in front of a background that says Future CEO of Walmart(!) Ahaha. 3]. Another poster fair purchase. 4]. Photo of us from St. Thomas two years ago. 5]. Barber painted this in high school. This was his view from a spot that he was sitting in a Burger King.

6. My roommate got me this as an early graduation present in college. She got it at this cool art festival called “Art in the Trees” in Liberty, MO. I can’t remember the term for it but the artist drew the picture without picking up her pencil (something-linear?). 7. A pencil and pen drawing that John Barber Picasso drew in high school. 8. A print of my most favorite Van Gogh painting. I got this at the National Gallery in London. I carried it in a plastic bag on a plane to Ireland, ran half a mile through Dublin with it and it still made it back to the U.S. in really good shape.

9]. Water color that Johnboy did in high school. 10]. Trevi Fountain. Random. 11]. This was my final project for Photography II in college. I set up a camera with a timer one night and we took a bunch of photos. The pictures didn’t come out great (something with developing) but I custom cut the matte (matt?) and I’m pretty happy with it. 12]. Kitten with her head underneath the shower curtain. 13]. A photo that Barber’s stepmom took of a bunch of our friends at their house in KC early this summer. I actually had already left for Colorado but she photoshopped me in. :) 14]. FSU’s biology department started making money by taking photographs of alcohol under high powered microscopes (Order online here!). That print is Dos Equis (Mexican beer) which is one of Barber’s favorites.


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