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Regarding summer and stuff….

September 27, 2011

Yesterday was a normal day as Monday’s generally are. I woke up, fed Sanford the fish, said hi to my kitten and caught a ride to class with this boyfriend of mine. My nose was a little sniffly so I thought I’d wear my soft rabbit shirt to help me feel better. I think it did.

The last post I posted was the really lovely one about the cat fabric. After returning home from class last week Barberino proclaimed, “You don’t really like that cat stuff do you?”

“What cat stuff Johnboy?”

“The curtains and stuff you posted.”

“Dear, that is fabric and I own it.”


That is how that went. Clearly he did not read the post in it’s entirety. sigh.

In other news I was reading for my Nature class (that is not the news) and I found something lovely.

For Nature class (read: Media, Culture and the Environment) I was reading a piece about how the media frames environmental issues. What are the issues? How do we persuade people? How do we get people to “believe” the scientific facts that tell us that the climate is indeed changing and so on and so forth. I came upon this.

“The values at the heart of the progressive moral system are empathy, responsibility (personal and social), and the ethic of excellence (make the world better, starting with yourself). Empathy has a physical basis in the mirror neuron system which links us physiologically to other beings and to things in the natural world. This leads us to see inherent value in the natural world.” – George Lakoff

Who wouldn’t want to embody that? And be that? And really I’m all for freedom of ideas and expressions and I’m all about being inclusive of everyone… but really I’m just saying that I think that it’s a lovely moral system and I think I’d have a lot less of a problem with a certain GOP presidential candidate who’s name rhymes with “rock-man” if s/he “saw a little more inherent value in the natural world.” Just saying.

And that is all.

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