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I’m totally consumed…

October 8, 2011

….with working on this quilt!

Seriously all I want to do when I get home is continue assembling pieces. I started cutting 4×4 squares last spring without really having a vision. I just knew that I had a lot of scraps and I wanted to do something with them. At some point I started assembling them in 9 patch formation by color and the idea of a quilt was born. Mind you I definitely do not know how to make a quilt.

I probably made about ten more 9 patch squares this fall and then I began researching. I decided to research each step as I go so as not to lose focus or get overwhelmed. Right now I’m am assembling the top. From an hour or two of internet browsing and tutorial watching I’ve decided to machine stitch the whole shebang together when it’s time…. I briefly toyed with the idea of hand stitching but decided against it because I don’t want this to take until Christmas.

Sometimes the going is a bit slow because Nala thinks that anything on the floor is strictly for her to stretch out on….

Because the colors are so bright and dramatic I knew I wanted something light in between…. I thought about a couple of different options and had decided on white until I found this white polka dot material at Joanns. It’s a bright white color with tiny textured white polka dots all over. I love it.

This is the stage I’m at right now…. Altogether there will be 16 colored patches and I think it will just about cover a full size bed. I’m not really sure on the exact dimensions.

I love, love it and I have to remember to go slow and iron and measure in between assembling so that everything fits together nicely.

I won’t be working on it anymore this weekend though because we are headed to Chicagooooooo!!!!

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  1. October 8, 2011 1:27 pm

    i loooooove it!!! so impressed!!!!! i want one!!! haha

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