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I’m totally in love….

October 20, 2011

…..with my new quilt! It is (finally!) done and it is beautiful and totally exceeds all of my expectations.

When I started cutting squares last spring I had no idea what I was going to do with them…. Then when I decided to put together a quilt top I wasn’t really sure if I was going to finish the whole quilt myself or try and have it done somewhere.

I finally decided that I would try to machine quilt it myself and honestly it was difficult but definitely do-able. I don’t know how familiar everyone is with quilts but in the end it’s kind of like a sandwich. You layer a bottom fabric (mine is the colored stripes seen above), batting to give the quilt some poof and then the top. You pin the sandwich together very tightly and then stitch rows. I read about people having trouble with “puckering” and their “sandwich” layers not quite lining up in the end…. I used an excessive amount of pins so that things would be held together very tightly and I think it payed off.

It’s really special because the fabric is from such a variety of places… I know where each little square is from and I like that there are so many stories all sewn together.

I was all set to bind (edging) the quilt with a medium grey, slate colored fabric. I consulted the knower of all things though and Momma Regan said she probably wouldn’t use grey…. I went ahead and finished sewing together 5 ft. of grey bias thinking that was the direction I still wanted to go…. Once I sort of lined it up around the quilt though I just wasn’t loving it. I LOVE the teal that I ultimately went with. Moral – always listen to your mother.

The putting together of the three layers, machine quilting and binding seemed to take forever. I’m pretty much ecstatic that it’s finished and that it’s perfectly imperfect. I’ve told JohnHenry that he has to love and cherish it for the rest of his life. So far so good.

I already have ideas for my next one…. It’s going to be teals, whites and greys…. (a.k.a. I can use the 5 ft. of bias tape that I’ve already assembled). :)

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  1. October 20, 2011 6:33 pm

    Wow! I am impressed. This is a beautiful quilt and you did it all yourself. congratulations!

  2. October 20, 2011 10:26 pm

    SO COOL! A marathon and a quilt – what a year! :)


  1. the appendix quilt |

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