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30 Days of Giving

November 3, 2011

Did you hear? There are now 7 billion people on the planet! (That’s this many zeros –> 7,000,000,000!) Wowza. Did you also now that our consumption rate is continuously rising? We just keep getting and using and buying so. much. stuff. For a really fantastic visual representation of what all this stuff is doing to the Earth watch and learn (and try not to get scared).

So Johnnychristmas and I were thinking about our stuff…. We kinda have a lot of it packed into a tiny amount of space. In the interest of minimizing (ok, lets be honest, we’re just cleaning out) we’re going to give away one thing a day for the month of November. Not only are we cutting down on our excess but we think it’s all Thanksgiving-y as well.

I reserve the right to define the word “give” in relation to this project. Meaning that “give” may also become synonymous for donate, sell, trash, mail or recycle. Unless otherwise noted everything that we “give” is up for grabs. If you want something (because some of it’s good stuff!) you just let me know!

I know, I know, we’re technically two days late with this kick-off. I guess we’ve got some making up to do….

Without further ado, Day 1!

First thing in our donate box — John Henry’s 32×30 sized Gap pants. They are just a tad too short so he’s givin’ em up.

I don’t know what this material is called but it’s like little khaki, woven, pin stripes.

I am way excited about this little project. And our tiny apartment will be so much happier with 30 less things inside. Apparently now it’s my turn to come up with something to send off…… Does anybody want to join in?!

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