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December Rewind!

January 9, 2012

Exactly a month ago today I posted my last post of 2011. Sort of an anti-climatic ending to the year, no? After December 9th I guess I got busy with Christmasy things and travelling and such….

But I promise you we celebrated! And decorated! And opened presents! And went to Colorado!

I think it’s important to document those things… even if it’s a bit belated. So here’s post one of a few of December Rewinds.

First off – Christmas tree! Barberlawyer had never experienced a real Christmas tree (travesty!) so I decided that we needed to make that happen. To Lowe’s we went (sometime in late November)!

We found a little-ish guy that we thought would fit just perfectly little in the Postage Stamp.

The only real ornament we have (other than all the ones stored at our parent’s houses) is one that holds a picture of Nala (she got it for her first Christmas). Other than that we used a conglomeration of random plastic bobbles and strands of beads that I had on hand from other projects.

It was quite perfect in the postage stamp. Our tiny apt. smelled so good and Nala LOVED hiding under it and playing with the ornaments.

One night we got extra festive and even “lit” a fire. Haha! :)

‘Tis the season!

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