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on breakfast bars

January 17, 2012

you’re familiar with my kitchen yes?

you might notice that the small eating area also doubles as THE kitchen counter space. when i lived alone this was totally fine…. but since there have been two of us the counter space is always covered with food preparations or just stuff. like law books and cats and stuff.

so barber got to thinking (this is dangerous)…. and then he did a little sketching and before you know it he had whipped up some plans for a little breakfast bar. i may have replied with some sort of incredulous laugh when he presented the idea of building (what?!) a breakfast bar.

he wanted to put it right there.

one might ask where a breakfast bar would fit? that’s exactly what I asked!

so we did some rearranging (you would not believe how often you can rearrange furniture in this tiny of a space). and then john-the-builder went to Lowe’s (a favorite past-time) and bought some supplies. and then late (very late) one night he built a breakfast bar.

i woke up to this.

(pardon the iphone quality.)

seriously?! a breakfast bar! schmancy, no? look at that sexy leg (which we will own forever on account of it costing almost $20!).

the blue chair is scooted over over to the right of the door where it just barely fits. like we’ve said after every other time we’ve rearranged, we think that the change “really opens up the space nicely.” one of those dining room chairs used to sit outside on the porch area because it wouldn’t fit inside.

the whole setup is really quite nice. we’ve already eaten several meals there and it will fit one laptop if someone wants to do a little work. :)

that my friends, is how we, for the last four months in our apartment, came to have a breakfast bar.

in other news – look at Mr. Almost Lawyer on his last first day of school. So professional.

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  1. Katiekathleen permalink
    January 18, 2012 12:21 am

    Woah! Want to send him to IL? I have a compost bin that needs building… :)

  2. Katie's Mom permalink
    January 18, 2012 10:14 am

    Are you kidding?! There is nothing John won’t sell on Craig’s list! “One breakfast bar, sexy table leg included…”

  3. January 18, 2012 4:07 pm


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