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Loaves 6/20

January 23, 2012

My original goal was to make 20 loaves before 2011…. Clearly that didn’t happen — but I’m going to go ahead and finish it out at a little bit slower pace (and truly I’m probably over half way there, I just have a bunch of bread “backlogged” waiting to be posted).

Recipe: I used this one. Technically not a loaf I guess but it’s still bread right? I promise my finished product looked more like the photo on the orignal recipe page…. Late at night my kitchen light is clearly subpar. I actually made this recipe sometime in early December and these scones were enjoyed with hot tea on a rare, cool Florida night.

Changes: Notta. I think some mini chocolate chips would have been kinda nice.

Verdict: Good. Not my favorite scone of all time but they got the job done. I’d make them again… probably with chocolate chips.

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