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Glitter Fab

January 25, 2012

Wanna hear something crazy? I thought my computer was out of disk space today. That’s not actually the crazy part, we’ll get there.

I was trying to do something in photoshop and everything started running waaaayyyyy slow. Then a little box popped up to tell me that my scratch disk was full… Which it is not! I have more than half of my capacity left. I googled. And searched. And scrolled through discussion posts. I was convinced that I had a “roaming” program that was causing my computer to think it was full.

So I made an executive decision to back up everything on the computer, un-install and then reinstall OS X and then reinstall all my programs.

So guess what? (Now we’re getting to the crazy part) — I decided to try out this photoshop thing I was working on one more time…. turns out, due to a minor overlook, I was trying to make a canvas that was 180,000 pixels wide by 180,000 pixels tall. ACK! That’s HUGE! Like 600 inches by 600 inches huge! No wonder my computer was SO angry (I couldn’t even fill the canvas with the paint bucket!).

So here’s the best part…. all I wanted to do was make some glitter!

Seriously people. I found this cool tutorial for making a glitter pattern and three hours later I was farther away from glitter than when I started. Good news: My hard drive is way clean AND everything is now backed up on an external hard drive. Bad news: I lost three hours of my life and was this close to performing surgery on my computer…. which is probably a questionable decision.

So that’s that. I’ve one more glitter tutorial to test out and then I’ll post both so we can compare.


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  1. January 25, 2012 11:15 am

    OY Vey! I’m feeling your pain! Moved this weekend and when I hooked up my computer this morning, it apparently still thinks its 12:23 from 3 days ago!

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