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In my bag.

May 25, 2012

Not to distract from the fact that I graduated with a Masters degree (because I did!)… or from the fact that we packed up the Postage Stamp and all of our belongings and “moved” to Missouri (traumatic!)…. or from the fact that I have the coolest summer job of all time (naturally)…. lets talk about what I’ve been lugging around lately (because the rest is just too overwhelming to deal with still).

You know how people always have those really trendy posts about what’s in their purse or bag? I’ve always liked seeing all the pretty and seemingly organized things they carry around. I recently started carrying a purse again (mostly to help keep me from dropping my iphone) and people, it just got out of control. Yesterday I realized that I was carrying a hilarious amount of things and I thought I’d share.

To distract you from the important things I have yet to share I present you –> What’s in my bag!

Nothing too crazy here… Although that dolphin pen –> no idea where that came from or how long it’s been in there.

Masking tape? Who knows! Literally every time I reached into my purse for something I ran into Farkle. Geez. And it’s so, so out of the ordinary for me to have any medicine at all with me! So two is just crazy! My mom was making me take the Claritin because she thinks I have allergies (I respectfully disagree) and I think the ibuprofen was from moving day?

My favorite things in this photo are that sticker (from a coffee shop in KC) and my cat wallet! ha! In the interest of full disclosure I did not photograph several receipts, an empty package of cough drop, multiple wrappers and a little clutch that I use when I don’t want to carry the whole purse.

So that’s that. Maybe not that exciting? If nothing else it’s now cleaned out and I’m no longer carrying around dice games, tape, trash and an unnecessary amount of sunglasses.

More posts coming soon…. seriously.

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  1. May 25, 2012 12:54 pm

    Cat wallet = classic!

    Summer job? Do tell! :)

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