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June 8, 2012

It’s fitting that tomorrow, my departure day, is the one month anniversary of our time in Missouri. Exactly one month ago tomorrow, at about the same time I’ll be boarding my flight, we hit the road for the homeland.

It has been full and busy and I’ve gotten to see so many friends and lots of family. It has been fabulous. I also found some time to practice not-being-busy. That was nice while it lasted.

In no particular order…♥

♥ packing for the wilderness ♥ a necklace at anthropologie ♥ moosejaw coming soon to the plaza ♥ trader joe’s dinner on the barber back deck ♥ KCMO sewer ♥ flower shopping with Momma Regan ♥ packed and ready ♥ flaming sushi with brother and the parents ♥ elle’s patisserie – lavender ice cream! ♥

♥ downtown KC from the roof ♥ chili lime chicken stir fry and asian coleslaw with friends ♥ driving downtown ♥ shots at noon with kate and michelle…. why not? ♥ quiche at ‘you say tomato’ with megan max ♥ late night manicure by erica greco millay ♥

♥ cocktails on the plaza ♥ kitten dinner ♥ traditional christmas couch photo at a wedding ♥ baby shower for baby withers ♥ driving away from my parents house ♥ cupcakes for celebrating uncle’s retirement ♥ crazy boys ♥ a really awesome/gross foot detox with my Madre ♥ Johnboy and Nana chatting over memorial day ♥

Missouri, you have been terrific. I’ll be back soon!

*I have a series of posts scheduled to go live while I’m away. They will cover a variety of things I missed over the past few months. :)

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