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the postage stamp.

June 13, 2012

dear postage stamp,

where should I even begin? i suppose at the beginning…. i found you in august of 2010. i needed a place to live – and fast. with just one day of searching i settled on your third floor, centrally located, 525 sq. ft. because, i’m ashamed to say, you were convenient and oh, so cheap. but you, you turned out to be so much more.

you were lacking in storage space so the first order of business was to hang some shelves. i loved the open shelving in the kitchen… and honestly it’s almost the only thing that remained the same over the next year and a half. i toyed with the idea of painting your cream colored cinder block walls a shade of blue or green. but then decided that i had enough artwork and framed photos to cover all of your walls….

i moved in alone back in 2010. i spent a lot of time lounging around and studying and sewing those first few months. i didn’t really know anyone and you provided comfort. you were bright and cheery and just the right size to make me feel swaddled safe. i’m sorry i didn’t document the early stages of your existence. i just didn’t know how much you would change! i thought we had forever!

even nalabear loved the postage stamp. it wasn’t as much space as she was used to and there were definitely less windows for her to look out, what with you only having two, but she didn’t mind.

john came to visit a few times during those first few months. he liked you and all but in the beginning his heart wasn’t in it. when talk of his move to tallahassee started to become a reality he argued that we should pack everything up and move down the street. are you crazy, i said?! we can’t leave the stamp!

eventually he came to his senses and realized that we wouldn’t find a place as good as you. and then in the fall of 2011 the real fun happened. john moved all his stuff in on top of all my nicely organized stuff. chaos ensued.

but john did what he does best and he hung some shelves. and things got organized. we built a book tree and rearranged and hung every piece of art we had on one wall. we sold one tv and brought in a new one. we turned our coffee table into a tv stand and really, everything was fine.

and who could have known how truly great your location was!? never again will john be able to walk out the door at 7:55 and arrive one minute early for his 8:00 class. never again, i say! because there will never be another apartment as affordable and well located as you postage stamp. never.

by this time you were becoming well known, as most famous buildings eventually are, around the area. i’m not sure whether it was your chaotic environment, the lack of seating or your centralized location, but people came. they sat on the floor and on stools and sometimes they sneezed because a cat in a tiny area is hard to ignore if you’re allergic. but it was fun. and you were so close to basketball games and concerts and downtown happy hours.

we decorated you for christmas… and sometimes for no reason at all. i hosted girls nights and a st. patrick’s day party. there were lots of basketball pre (and post!) game beers drank in your tiny space. i think we maxed out with ten people in the living room at once. that was impressive.

over time you changed… sometimes because johnlawyerinteriordesigner wanted to see what you would look like a different way. and sometimes just because change is necessary.

sometimes you were messy. especially towards the end when we decided that putting things in their places was not worth the effort of having to get them out to pack soon after. but we didn’t care. and when we did care and we got angry, because people get angry when they live on top of each other, you kindly provided one door and one thin wall to separate the two rooms.

but mostly we had fun. lots of it. and note to self — before and after photos would have been nice. next time i’ll work on that. luckily i will always remember what you looked like. because i had such a great time with you and because honestly there’s not that much physical space to remember. i will especially remember what you looked like on the very, very last day. you were clean and sparkly and smelled like disinfectant and when i closed the door on my way out i opened it back up to peek one last time because i never want to forget any of the thousands of memories that were packed in to your tiny, tiny space.

p.s. full disclosure, i’m crying.

*This post is part of a series of prescheduled posts that are recapping things that went on throughout April and May (when I was neglecting the blog). I’m currently “working” (hiking and biking) in the Tetons and New England.

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  1. Karyn permalink
    June 13, 2012 10:14 am

    Now I’m crying too!

  2. Barber permalink
    June 13, 2012 2:08 pm

    A smile never left my face while reading this…then I finished reading it. Now I’m teared up in a “corral” clinging to the memories for just a moment before I have to nauseate myself with lessons on bar topics (no…not drinking games). I miss everything about the postage stamp!

    p.s. this was an awesome post! If you were single I would date you! Oh wait…I am! This is why I love you!

  3. June 15, 2012 1:48 pm

    Ah, I want to cry, too! Such a lovely chapter of your lives. :)

  4. Christie permalink
    June 25, 2012 6:37 pm

    The Stamp misses y’all


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