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Joey Sugar Marie Regan

June 14, 2012

* Warning – this post contains many cat photos. Just so you can be mentally prepared.

Way back in January I got a text from my Mom with this cute little kitten.

I mean really. Who can say they are not a “cat person” to that sweet face. After a week or two of contemplating my parents decided to adopt the white kitten and my aunt and uncle adopted her sister (the little gray one you see in the background). The cats were living with my Mom’s friend Marci who is always fostering tiny animals. When I received the text from my Mom that said they were going to keep the white cat I think my world literally stopped turning (or something slightly less dramatic).

I’d like to formally introduce you to Ms. Joey Sugar.

Nala was the first cat ever to join the family. Her quirkiness and calm demeanor immediately made everyone love her. After cat-sitting Nala all last summer I guess my parents decided that they needed one of their own.

She’s a model kitten. (Seriously, she’ll be appearing in a calendar sold in local Petsmarts — little Miss December). Ha! Sometimes she’s a little rambunctious (i.e. trying to climb the walls) and she’s never met a stranger so there was definitely an adjustment period when she moved in. Nala takes a little bit of time to warm up to people and is slightly more reserved so my parents had never experienced a true kitten. My Mom once told me that Joey was kind of like a puppy.

She’s the new favorite child. They decided to call her Joey because my Dad thought the stripe on her head was similar to the one Joey the horse had in the movie War Horse.

She doesn’t really meow but she makes this little chirping noise that is like the most precious thing ever. Especially when you first get home and she’s really happy to see you.

Her and Nala are settling in nicely together. Nala’s old and mature so she doesn’t always want to put up with the little white rabbit’s antics…. But they’re ok.

I’m secretly hoping that my parents send me a photo of the cats snuggling together sometime this summer…. I’m not sure about the reality of that though. Speaking of photos… When I got Nala and bombarded my parents with photos of her my Mom told me that they didn’t even take that many photos of my brother and I when we were little. Puh-lease! I tried to explain that cell phones with cameras make this magic possible. Fast forward to this spring –> I was texted enough photos between the two of them to make my Dad an entire 30 page Blurb book of Joey photos for his birthday.

She just kills me.

*This post is part of a series of prescheduled posts that are recapping things that went on throughout April and May (when I was neglecting the blog). I’m currently “working” (hiking and biking) in the Tetons and New England.

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  1. June 16, 2012 10:31 pm

    So many cat photos!


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