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Notes from the Road

June 23, 2012

Day 1: Jackson Hole, WY to Laramie, WY
Day 2: Laramie, WY to Lincoln, NE
Day 3: Lincoln, NE to Chesterton, IN
Total miles so far : ~1800

5 people, a 15 passenger van, a 9×12 trailer, 4 iPods, 2 maps, lots of snacks and 5 days to make it across the country. Needless to say,we’re having a pretty fantastic time.


Training in Jackson Hole for the week prior to leaving was amazing. So amazing. So many interesting, unique, well-traveled and eccentric people. So many pick up games of frisbee and early morning runs and long training sessions. Good food, local beer, a short camping trip, a bike ride, several hikes… So many people with “the same souls, but different stories.” (Thanks Shannon!) All of this takin place in the most beautiful mountain setting.


Everyone once in a while I’m overcome with a feeling of disbelief and awe. This is my job?! And really, it hasn’t really even started yet.

It’s a strange and really cool thing to hop in the car with four new acquaintances and set off for the opposite side of the country.

snack break

the greatest tiny Mexican restaurant ever in Rawlins, NE. Go there.

the prettiest lakeside campsite in Nebraska.

brews and peanut curry stir fry made on a Coleman stove.

turns out every reasonable campsite in Indiana is full in June…

After learning that our first choice campsite, a beautiful state park on the coast of lake Michigan, is full, we pulled over to reevaluate our sleeping options slash eat chocolate. A state trooper pulls up behind us and comes to the window (I’m driving). Tired, happy and full of pizza we’ve reached the point where everything is funny. I roll down the window….
Trooper: Would it be cliche to say, ‘you’re not in Kansas anymore?’ (we have Kansas license plates).
Us: Hysterical laughter
Me: We’re looking for a campsite. Do you know of any others nearby.
Trooper: They’re probably all full.
Me: Why?!
Trooper: Because it’s June!
Us: Laughter

Despite the slight creepiness and strange decor, as our third try, the revival campsite was the best option. For the third night in a row we rolled out a tarp and lined up our sleeping bags in a row in lieu of pitching a tent.


We have the shortest leg of the trip today and we’re making our way leisurely towards Ohio.

As we drive and build fires and sleep under the stars and cook good food and have deep conversations about everything under the sun I can’t help but think…. We get to do this all over again. Back to WY in August….

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