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The beginning of a roadtrip.

August 31, 2012

Let me be up front about a few things. First off, the internets are telling me that the word “roadtrip” should be spelled as, “road trip.” I just can’t accept that. Second, the beginning of the roadtrip is now over…. we’re somewhere around the middle at this point – I’m just a bit behind.

Be warned: there are many photos. Many photos of nature and then some more of us standing in nature. Enjoy!

I digress…. On August 9th, John Henry Richard Almost-Lawyer Barber arrived in Jackson Hole, WY to pick me up. He is the best. Can you believe how far he drove to give me a ride? Ha!

After exploring the quaint, yet touristy town of Jackson, we camped in a little campground east of Grand Teton that was set on a small hidden lake. We had so much fun and Barbercamper and I began, ahem, meshing/compromising our roadtripping/camping styles. I spent the summer camping with teenagers and driving across the country in a van. Barber spent the summer in a cubicle studying for the Bar. Adjustment period.

On day 2, my friend Will (a coworker from this summer) took us on a super cool hike to a seriously awesome hidden lake in Teton National Park. To get to the lake we had to veer off the trail and scramble up a couple hundred yards of huge boulders. Just over a ridge is the most serene (and green!) lake ever.

We then spent a super fun night in Jackson (Thanks Will!) before heading to Yellowstone on Day 3.

After checking out Old Faithful (spoiler: it exploded!) we spent the night at a front country campground in the park called Indian Creek. Highlights of the evening: we made a huge campfire and we debated extensively about whether or not we should take a tent into the backcountry.


On Day 4, we headed into the backcountry (with our tent) for an overnight at campsite 1Y7. It was possibly the most perfect backcountry site ever, situated right on the edge of a river.

We saw a bison and a snake but no bears! We ate super delicious backcountry chicken salad. We swam in the river. I fell and skinned my knee. But we made it out alive and managed to flag down the very first car (technically an RV) that drove by to give us a ride back to our car at a different trail head.

After we came out of the backcountry on Day 5 we drove to Helena where someone (he who must not be named) decided we needed a night indoors. :) For a nominal fee we spent a night in a super unfurnished Motel 6.

Day 7 – drove to Glacier.

Glacier is gorgeous. I’m not sure that there’s any national park you couldn’t say that about but I particularly liked this one. It was foggy and cool on the side where we hiked and spent the first night. To get across the park you have to drive through it and after climbing into the mountains you descend down into a different climate entirely. On Day 8 we did a chilly hike down to a lake and waterfall before driving through the park and out of the mountains into 85 degree sunshine.




After leaving Glacier we drove to the lovely little town of Polson, MT where we camped at a schmancy and quite patriotic RV park.

The campsite host couldn’t have been nicer and I scored a craft book about weaving from the “resort’s” book exchange. No complaints here.

On the morning of Day 9 we ate breakfast in a little Betty Boop themed diner before heading towards Washington. Highlights of this day: making special side trips to stop at REI stores in both Missoula and Spokane. Also getting to Seattle a day early which meant our friend R.J. had about four hours notice before we arrived on his doorstep.

And that, is a good stopping point! Seattle, Olympic National Park and Oregon adventures to come.




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  1. Karyn permalink
    August 31, 2012 9:17 am

    More! More! Looks like you guys are having so much fun! Can’t wait to see more!


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