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Roadtrip Part II: The Olympic Peninsula

September 14, 2012

Spoiler: the trip is over and I’m now blogging from “home.” I say home with air quotes because I’m at my parents home, which, for all current purposes is the only home I have…. but I’m in the market for an apartment to rent in a city where someone will employ me. Just so that’s out there.

The good news about catching up at this point is that I have a good excuse to go through all the photos from the trip. Oh my gosh, did we have fun! Seriously. So roadtrip days 10-20 were spent around the Olympic Peninsula. We spent several days in Seattle before my parents and brother arrived for a week long trip and then we went back to the Seattle area to visit my friend Kristen.

We hiked, biked, stayed in cute cabins, beach combed, wine tasted, cider tasted, played games and ate good food.

We stayed with RJ and Jenny before my parents arrived and they showed us the best that Ballard had to offer. Seriously. We ate a drank at so many good place — The Walrus and the Carpenter, Kicken’ Boot Whiskey Bar (which ironically did not have a whiskey menu), and the Harbour Public House are three that I can remember.

We rode bikes to the ferry and ferried over to Bainbridge Island to eat at the Harbour Pub. The panorama is from the ferry ride. Although it’s not perfect I highly recommend the free “Panorama” app for the iphone.

We forgot the second bike lock but it only took the four of us 10 minutes to figure out this star formation in which we could lock all the back wheels. High five!

If you remember, prior to arriving in Seattle we had been camping/hiking for about a week (this is coming off an entire summer of camping for me)…. I took this picture because it represented everything “normal” and civilized that I had been missing and at that moment I was so happy to be back to this mundane: breakfast happenings, iced coffee and Newsroom on the computer (I missed you computer!).

Then the parents arrived!

We stayed in the cutest cabin in Forks for the first part of the week (I highly recommend it!). We explored beaches and the West side of Olympic National Park. (Ma Madre took most of these family photos). The picture directly below is one of my favorites. ha!

There’s a long story to those photos. It’s a tradition – Barber is still working on getting the proper form down. For the second part of the week we moved to a cabin on a lavender farm in Sequim where we hiked, beached and wine/cider tasted.

We sort of got into jumping photos towards the end of the trip (this carried over to the continuing road trip as well…) Unfortunately we didn’t get my Mom jumping. Sad panda. These were at the summit of the Hurricane Hill trail in Olympic National Park.


See, my Mom was there! We finished up the trip with a day in Seattle. Saturday afternoon at Pikes Market is like the busiest place of all time…. it was awesome none-the-less.

After saying goodbye to the parents and brother we headed north of the city to visit Kristen. In two days together I managed to take 4 pictures, none of which had people in them. To prove that we did visit though I’ll include this photo of the healthiest vending machine I’ve ever seen. It’s located in her super healthy, hip-tastic school! :)

My favorite are the Scantron sheets!

The end of part II. Woot. I’ll be back with more soon (like, actually soon. Not in 2 weeks!).

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  1. September 14, 2012 1:44 pm

    We’re planning on a post-grad school road trip too! (Well, post for me. John will still be mid. PhDs last far too long! Whiney whiney whine). Care to share your entire itinerary? :)

  2. September 14, 2012 3:21 pm

    Definitely! I’ll email you shortly. :)


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