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Roadtrip Part III: The road home

September 26, 2012

Last time we left off we were finishing up our tour of Seattle and the Olympic Peninsula. The rest of our trip looked like this:

Portland –> Down Hwy 101 –> Yachats, OR –> Crater Lake National Park (of which I currently I have no pictures; must locate other camera) –> some small town in Nevada who’s name I cannot remember that reminded me of Branson, MO –> Salt Lake City, UT –> Arches National Park, Moab –> Denver, CO –> Home to MO!

So we drove south from Seattle headed for Portland where my good friend from high school, Patrick, lives. We had originally thought we might visit Portland before Seattle (terrible plan)… thus we had bailed on Patrick the first time as we rearranged the trip –> he was kind enough to be super flexible and we had a super (!!) fun time.

I can’t remember the name of this area on the outskirts of Portland… but that cool building (not the Mayor’s house!) looks over that river. We visited this lookout point and then did a short hike that took us to a waterfall.


On our second night, Patrick’s friends who live on a permaculture farm (they also started said farm) brought over garden veggies and made one of the most delicious meals of the trip (my life?!). [Also – I’m going to go ahead and say this was a quintessential “Portland experience”]. :) Patrick made a cream sauce (oh my god) and they sauteed veggies (kale, zucchini, chard) with a wheat protein substitute and then tossed it all with some linguine noodles. (Barber and I made drinks!) We ate outside on a picnic blanket with one of those dollar store Jesus candles. Fun!

The flying cat photo is from the game “Talky, Talky, Drawy, Drawy” (Megan Max!) which is another story entirely. I didn’t do so well as to take any photos with Patrick but here’s a late night photo of the boys, breaking in our camp chairs, playing video games. I love that Barber is holding his remote as if it’s a real steering wheel. Ha!


After leaving Portland we drove down the coast on Hwy 101 to Yachats, OR. I needed to use internet for a little contract project I was working on so we found this little seaside motel that fit our price. We spent two days being overstimulated with more TV and computer time than I’d had all summer!




After Yachats, and much debate, we made the decision to begin our trek back east instead of heading South to San Francisco. After looking at a map we realized Crater Lake was in the center of OR and we decided to make that our next stop. SO cool. A small and arguably underrated national park — it was awesome. Although as I said before, I don’t have pictures….


After Crater Lake we went to the tiny town who’s name I can’t remember…. It was a strange casino filled place that I also don’t have any photos of. #fail

SO, moving on to Salt Lake City!


We were in SLC on the Sunday of Labor Day Weekend and the place was a ghost town. I’m talking dead. It was the cleanest, quietest, most empty city I’ve ever visited. We walked around a bit, spent $30 on Whole Foods salads and stayed in the Camelot Hostel run by a guy named Arthur (true story). That temple up there — a castle. Sorta weird. But they did have pretty flowers.


After leaving SLC we made a split second decision to cross three lanes of traffic so that we could exit in order to visit Ikea. It was our first time ever. I loved it and the ice cream was just as good as I always imagined. Here’s Barber sitting in our imaginary studio outfitted by Ikea.


I saw this sign in a bathroom somewhere in Utah…. awesome. I also started crocheting granny squares somewhere around this time [the granny squares have morphed into a full fledged afghan I have deemed the ‘unemployment afghan’ — more on that later].


To Arches we go! I don’t have much to say about Arches other than it was so cool and so different than any other place we had visited. We spent one night – did two hikes – and loved it. I want to go back.





After Arches we headed to our last stop of the trip: Denver! My college roommate Anne lives there and we sort of moved in… for about a week. Barber had to fly home early for family reasons but I just sort of hung out for longer than I initially planned and had a great time.

We took part in a biking pub crawl, ate at Linger (so delicious, thanks Paula!), shopped at Whole foods, watched a few movies and had an overall great time.


This photo is from the biking pub crawl and I wish you could see our outfits. The theme was “Saturday Morning” (sort of random) and we looked awesome. Barber is wearing a blue, striped, belted, jump suit; I’m wearing spandex shorts, furry ankle slippers and an oversized t-shirt and Anne is wearing a knee length mu-mu with a bear on it who’s arms are wrapped around her. Bahaha.


*sigh* We had such a good time. I drove back to Missouri exactly one month after Barber picked me up in Jackson Hole.

We got to visit so many fun people, saw six national parks, camped in way cool places, had lots of quality time to plan our lives and just had an all around fantastic time. I’m so glad we had the opportunity to do this and I would highly recommend a camping road trip as a cheap and fun getaway.

I’m not sure the next time I’ll have a whole month to take off and hit the road…. but I sure hope it happens again. I think next time we need to see the Northeast!

Thanks for the fun everyone! Whenever we have a place to call home (soon!?!) we’ll be expecting lots of visitors. :)


Hello Missouri.

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