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quarter life crisis.

November 28, 2012

also known as: “the time i dyed my hair brown, lived on my little brother’s couch while working 100 hours a week on a senate campaign for a month, made other questionable/life changing decisions and then topped it all off by moving to DC for a temporary job without a place to live.” but i mean, i’ve got less than a month left in my 25th year so i had to go ahead and get the crisis in, in one fail swoop ya know? so i did.

and all-in-all i’ve had a seriously great crisis. i mean…. sure it’s  been sort of a roller coaster but the other side of this thing feels pretty good. you don’t need everything rehashed (am i right?) so lets just look at some pictures and then we’ll move on.

1. st. louis at night 2. the Howard wedding! 3. st. louis in the morning 4. webster groves on election day (mostly i was trying to capture that lawn covered in birds). 5. campaign victory party (fine, fine, i was working on mccaskill’s campaign. you’re welcome missouri.) 6. a bridge over the missouri river.

7. the second greatest cat of all time. 8. way too much yarn purchasing. 9. window. 10. grilled cheese 11. a cat photo shoot (naturally). 12. a bridge in kcmo.

13. i’m all about christmas lights. 14. kcmo. 15. oreo pops from friendsgiving! 16. old fashioneds (loooooots of old fashioneds). 17. friendsgiving friend 18. that cat again sporting her winter scarf.

19. brunch decor. 20. thanksgiving food. 21. letter writing. 22. mexican brunch food. 23. a goodbye. and 24. the greatest cat of all time.

so there you have it. now we can move on to this new chapter where i’m employed (for a bit) and live in a new city and all that.

but really, this is going to be seriously fun.

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  1. November 28, 2012 8:27 pm

    OMGaahhhhhhhh I have been wondering about you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. November 29, 2012 2:14 pm

    Yeah….. remember last time when we were gchatting and things were going crazy? That pretty much happened for a while. :) We’ll talk soon!

  3. December 11, 2012 12:41 pm

    Yay I have been stalking your blog hoping for an update too! Love the pics.


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