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December 3, 2012

now that it’s december (what?!) it’s totally appropriate to begin planning birthday season. unlike many, i totally embrace the 17th  as my own personal holiday and use it as an excuse to wear something mildly fancy and curl my hair. (see how i slipped the date in there all sneakily?) also, it’s a great excuse to host brunch, in your own honor (so i usually do that. birthday brunch!).

but lets get to the point!  i’ve curated a list of some things (mostly from small, independent, businesses and artists) that i’m wishing for right now.  ya know, in case you’re interested (parents!).



{ 1. I love this water color map. // 2. Zum Bar soap – sandalwood & citrus (also available as a candal!) // 3. Handmade leather booties. My feet would love these. // 4. Teapot and Birthday Cake tea! // 5. MAC lipstick in ‘Russian Red.’ // 6. Felt wall art – You should check out some of her other work. So cool. // 8. Holiday edition of Kinfolk Magazine. // 8. I’m obsessed with this sweatshirt. // 9. A POP phone. To cut down on all the cell phone waves ya know? // I am on an endless hunt for a tulle skirt (aren’t we all?) Here’s another promising option. // 11. My cold feet could really use some furry moccasins. }

Happy Holiday slash Birthday season to everyone!

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