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nyc getaway.

December 31, 2012

now that i live on the east coast (people, technically speaking, is DC the east coast?) i can do things like getaway to new york city for the weekend. snap. that is cool.

my lovely friend christie was planning on visiting nyc with two other friends and they happened to have an extra spot in their hotel room…. christie, planner extraordinaire that she is, is always trying to book trips with me. seeing as how i barely know what i’m doing next week this is often difficult. so she said, ‘katie, we’re going to new york, with or without you. if you want to come we’ll be there.’ i can get down with this sort of vacation planning…. the kind where i can buy a bus ticket three days before (read: the non-commitment type).


i have always wanted to see new york city at christmas time and it did not disappoint. we ate really good food, we wandered through the village and browsed through midtown, we got caught in the tourist trap of all time and we saw so many santas at a santa pub crawl. and i got to hang out with christie all weekend… which would have been fun anywhere. i miss my florida friends!


anytime you want to plan a trip where i can take a $20 bus to see you…. i’m game. lets see some broadway shows this spring shall we friends? i’m having a not-so-secret love affair with this city, again.

p.s. that was an anti-climactic amount of photos. :( i didn’t even get any with leigh and casey!

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