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Twenty Twelve

January 1, 2013

I just had a really good time going through all my photos from this year. 2012, you were wild.

Because 12 is my favorite number I was totally excited about this year (and I also knew it would be filled with changes). Whelp, it sure didn’t disappoint.

Thus, my year in pictures! (Way too many pictures).


I rang in 2012 with all my favorite people in a mansion cabin in the woods in Keystone last year. (I just realized how much fancier the girls are dressed). haha

Then John and I headed back to Florida and started our last semester of school. We celebrated John’s birthday in late January and I ate cake for breakfast for like a week.


In February, we took a trip to Jupiter, Fl to run a 5k and attend Karyn’s bridal shower. Lots of food, tequila and fun were had by all.


In March, T and Kendall came to visit and we spent springbreak in Cocoa Beach. So fun. I also threw a St. Patrick’s day brunch/party. So ridiculous.



We celebrated a birthday with a weekend in Panama City Beach. Even more ridiculous.


Sometime during the Spring both my parents came to visit, Barber’s dad and stepmom visited and my parents got a kitten!


I can not get enough of her.

Barber and I attended a bachelorette party (back to Panama City Beach) and a bachelor party (respectively), we ran some races, brewed beer, watched basketball and I baked a lot of bread.




Then we packed up everything we owned, took finals and had a last week of awesomeness in Tallahassee.



On our last weekend as Florida residents we had the most fun ever at Karyn and Kyle’s wedding. I’m so happy we’re got to attend.


Then we tearfully closed the Florida, graduate school, chapter in our lives and headed for Missouri.




Before totally leaving the state we did spend a fun weekend in Destin with Christie. Thennnnn we left.


I spent a really fun few weeks in Missouri while prepping for the coolest summer job of all time (I say this about every job I have). Barber and I threw a joint graduation party in Tightwad (I wish we had more photos!), Lyndsey got married and I got to see a lot of friends and eat good food.



Then I spent a fun night on the patio at John’s Big Deck with the college friends before catching a 6am (ugh) flight to Wyoming.




After a week in Jackson Hole my co-leaders and I drove across the country, led biking trips and then drove back. The entire experience was unreal. So much fun, exhaustion, learninghilariousness and ridiculousness packed into a month of biking and driving.




After returning to Jackson Hole, Barber picked me up and we went on a roadtrip. We saw lots of friends, camped in so many cool places and vacationed in the Pacific Northwest with my family.





Oh my gosh that was so much fun. After returning to Missouri I was unemployed for a bit before working on a senate campaign in St. Louis for the final month before the election.


During the campaign I went back to KC for a weekend to celebrate the Howard wedding! How cute is the photo below – stolen from Facebook — I’m not sure of their photographer’s name…


After the campaign I celebrated Thanksgiving, packed up and moved to DC and here we are.. These are all recent posts so I didn’t think it was necessary to repost those photos. (Also, this is getting lengthy).


And finally here’s a photos of my new roommates on NYE in DC. We threw a totally fun and slightly ridiculous party at our house to ring in the new year.

So 2012…. We had a lot of fun. I had a quarter life crisis. I had several random jobs and really started doing freelance work for the first time. I spent a lot of relaxing time in Missouri at my parents house (this was so nice). I packed up all my things in Florida in April and in a month I’m planning on unpacking them in DC.

Everything considered, I totally loved 2012. But 2013, I’m ready and so excited.

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