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April 30, 2013


After playing phone tag with my fellow transient friend Chase (do I still need to introduce him?) for most of last week, he finally called me on Thursday night at 11pm and said, “come to the beach!” (Where he lives for a handful [it’s really hard to say exactly] months each year). And then I said a few things and mostly he just kept repeating, “come to the beach!” and next thing I knew it was 6am and I was on the road to New Jersey. I left DC against the flow of traffic and I saw the sun come up and I totally had a moment of appreciation for still having my car (I tell ya, the ol’ Honda is having a rough time in the city)…. because there is totally something to be said for a morning edition and a good playlist on an empty highway.


I rolled onto Long Beach Island a few hours later, hugged Chase and Bill, patted Gilligan on the head and got to work (I work remotely on most Fridays). Twice during this weekend I got to see Chase in action in ways that I’ve only theorized about. I’ve always wondered what a “typical” day in Chase’s work life as a freelancer photographer is like…. Whelp, I saw. Edit a few photos, sit on the porch, upload some photos to Dropbox, power wash the outdoor shower, take a phone call on the porch, edit a few more photos, do some more power washing, send a couple of invoices, call it day. Soooo…. kinnnnnd of amazing.


After our day of working and “working” we had a pretty darn fabulous weekend. We cruised around in the convertible, ate clam the best clam chowder I’ve ever tasted, did some solid patio sitting, drank whiskey (only on the rocks!), chatted with townies at perhaps the greatest dive bar of all time, did a little beach combing, pretended we were retired on Saturday morning, rode bikes and even worked in a short photo shoot.




It was interesting to see first hand some of the damage left behind by Sandy. There’s lots of rebuilding and renovating and overall things seem to be returning to normal. The dive bar we went to had a piece of tape a good two feet above the floor where the water line had reached. And in true dive bar fashion they definitely did not redo that the floor that sat under water.

And more pretty photos!




Chase claims that Friday through Sunday were the most beautiful three days on the island this year (you’re welcome!). But seriously, I’ve never lived this close to a beach and I’m wildly excited to spend more summer weekends on the island (which is nothing like the Jersey shore that you might be imagining).



The second time I saw Chase in his element was during a quick photo shoot on Saturday night and I have to say I was impressed. I mean, photography school, worth it. Even if his daytime work is sporadic and amazingly, um, laid back(?) — behind the camera, the guy is in his element. And Chase, I’m available to hold your sun reflector any day (people – I’m an excellent sun reflector holder!).

I had a fantastic weekend. Thanks to Chase, Bill and Gilligan for their kind hospitality. Can not wait to visit again soon.


** the pretty photo of beach glass in my hand is courtesy Chase

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  1. May 1, 2013 1:17 pm

    Love the beach glass! So pretty!

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