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The Great Gatsby Party >>

May 21, 2013

**Friends, I took the liberty of using some of your photos in this post. If you want any of them taken down, let me know!

About a month and a half ago three of the five roommates decided to throw a Gatsby party.

We quickly made a facebook invitation (because that’s the way kids do things these days…)

We brainstormed costume ideas, decoration plans and photos for the next several weeks. I was consistently excited when different people kept telling me they’d found their “Gatsby outfit!”

Then on Saturday morning we woke up, fueled ourselves with breakfast sandwiches and set off for Virginia (because it is nothing if not a Saturday morning suburban nightmare filled with craft stores and Party city’s) to purchase decorations. Want to know something wild? There’s a helium shortage! Like, on Earth. A balloon lady actually said to me, “This is the end of an era. The balloon era.” Who knew?! Needless to say the shortage has caused a spike in helium balloon prices ($2 for a simple latex balloon!!) and thus we only got a dozen (which was plenty considering we had to wrestle them into the trunk of a sedan for the trip home. Read: herding cats).

Anywho – despite the fact that there was much more helium on Earch during the Gatsby era, we made do. :) We blew up balloons for the floor, hung gold tinsel and created a photo wall “step and repeat” that was sort of an enormous success. Props to Alice for this brilliant idea and Lauren for total facilitation and persistance in hanging approximately 1 million poster around our house.


I was having trouble finding a reasonably priced dress that I liked so I decided to be a 1920’s gangster… which we’ll agree is a loose character in the Gatsby novel. But ohhhhh, there were some good dresses!


We were pretty clear on the facebook invitation that costumes were required. And really, no one disappointed. To stay in theme it seemed that everyone brought champagne as well…. which meant there was a lot (so much) of champagne.



We played a very—in theme—1920’s playlist for a solid 30 minutes at the beginning of the night (thanks Matt!). Very Midnight in Paris – esqu. After that we mostly just played this on repeat…. I’m only kind of kidding.


I’ll leave you with two of my favorite photos of the evening. I’m sad I only got one photo  with that hundred dollar pinata (empty, but so fun to pose with). Man, I love a good theme party.


Now to see the actual movie…. I hear it’s good!

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  1. Kendall permalink
    May 22, 2013 8:38 pm

    I love how you had this party and watching the movie was not even involved! I guess any excuse for a theme party is a good one!

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