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memorial day weekend and other things

May 28, 2013


Instead of leaving the District this weekend (like almost everyone I know) I stayed in town to hang out with my Aunt and Uncle, shop for the perfect dress to wear to a wedding (super different than a wedding dress), enjoy the excellent weather, read Game of Thrones (I mean really), watch Arrested Development(!) and eat so many salads.

There were several solid walks to no where in particular… you know the kind? You know there is to be a destination but it’s not clear until you’ve started on your way what it is exactly? Those are really the best.



I met my Aunt and Uncle at the National Portrait Gallery on Friday evening and was reminded of how much I like the place. We also checked out the Native American Museum on Saturday and I will say this — the cafeteria, uh-mazing. I don’t know that I’d ever eaten a meal in a museum before this…. but I’ll probably go back there and do it again.

I took my Aunt and Uncle my Aunt’s brother to the ball park on Saturday night to experience riding a metro to a baseball game. We ended up with great tickets and in true DC fashion I ran into two friends from college. If I know you and I run into you somewhere unexpected assume that I will be thrilled. I love small world serendipitous moments.


On Sunday I finally found a dress for wedding season (which is coming in hot with a trip to Tallahassee on Thursday!!) which I’ll be wearing to weddings in different states. Don’t mind that I’ll look the same in all the photos.



And then, as it sometimes happens when one is left alone on Sunday afternoon, I took a long nap… which is why I then found myself baking pizza bread at 12:30 am on Monday morning. This picture does it no justice. I’ll share the pizza bread recipe soon.


It was nice to stay in town and wander the city on this quiet weekend. In what is quickly becoming my favorite of unfolding events, the weekend ended with a good patio sitting. Two slowly became six and we covered all the important topics — politics and relationships and the turnip princess mostly.

So good to see M&M! Thanks for being my first official visitors to DC (Dad – you were the first unofficial visitor). :)

Washington DC 2013 James 035

How cute are these?
Have you watched Arrested Development yet? Thoughts?

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  1. May 28, 2013 6:48 pm

    Apparently the Seattle Art Museum has amaze-balls food. Like, super fab chefs are there, and super fab chefs start their careers as line cooks there. Who knew!

    • May 30, 2013 12:50 pm

      Ooooo nice! This museum had the cafeteria broken down by regions in the US which was really cool.

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