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The Allen Wedding

June 18, 2013

My friends that were getting married this year conveniently scheduled their weddings two weekends in a row so as to ensure I had a solid 11 days of the most fun ever. To kick off the wedding extravaganza I flew down to Tallahassee to celebrate wedding number one with Kate and Clay (and Christie, Karyn and Kyle too of course!).


This was my first return trip to Tallahassee since grad school and honestly it felt just the same in the best way possible. I arrived on Thursday afternoon in time to attend the bachelorette party (high five for happy coincidences). I made sure to overflow a bottle of Champagne on Christie’s kitchen floor approximately five minutes upon arriving at her house… you know, just to go ahead and announce my arrival and all.

On Friday we transported alcohol, helped decorate the reception site and Kyle and I went on a Katie/Kyle date while waiting for the others to finish up rehearsing. There were sooooo many cute details at Kate and Clay’s wedding. For example, after some grumbling about being forced to wear ties to the rehearsal dinner, Clay surprised all his groomsmen with Tuxedo t-shirts. They made have made a second appearance after the wedding as well.


Kate’s aunt and uncle hosted a really lovely rehearsal dinner in their amazing backyard. Speeches, dinner and drinks were followed by an evening at Andrew’s in downtown Tallahassee. Super glad I got to have a few drinks there for old times sake. A handful of wedding attendees made proposition bets on various aspects of the wedding (I won for guessing the correct start time!) which turned into a hilarious competition.


Photo by


So I’m a fan of suspenders.


They’re married! And standing over an air conditioning grate to stay cool! Haha.

In what was sort of the theme for this wedding extravaganza, the early wedding was followed by a trolley ride with picture taking along the way, (that I was graciously allowed to participate in) that eventually ended at the reception site.


Any wedding with coozies (huggers?! so many names!) has got to be great right? Riding around on the trolley was like getting a throwback tour of Tallahassee… except with booze and all my favorite Florida people. Such a fun day.


Photo by


Photo by


Photo by


The reception site was at the Women’s Club of Tallahassee and it was really lovely. It was the perfect size so as to feel intimate without being clustered. The evening started with a really nice tribute to Clay’s parents where we all lit tea lights and held them in the air. I wish I had a photo of what was a seriously cool and touching moment.

The rest of the night was spent dancing, photo boothing, drinking out of cute straws, more dancing and then eating s’mores, sliders and mini pies (geniusssssss) before sending the bride and groom off in a pedi cab (yes!) to the bar where we all finished off the night.


Photo by

I’m kind of in love of that photo above of Kate and her Maid of Honor (and Kyle’s face in the background).


I failed to actually take a photo with Kate and Clay… but I got one of them after the cake cutting!

Wedding number 1, success! I had such a good time and am so appreciative that I got to spend so much time with all of my favorite Florida people. Kate and Clay – thank you for including me in so many wedding weekend events. I am so grateful. So happy for you both!

But wait – a trip to Tally would not be complete without some good food. I kept listing off the numerous different places I was going to eat to  Christie and Karyn… to which they told me I would need to narrow it down. But still, we did a pretty good job.

Momo’s jumbo slices, Whataburger honey chicken biscuits (maybe more than one?), Donut King donuts… not pictured: cake from Food Glorious Food and breakfast at Canopy Cafe.

Although technology makes it so easy to gchat, text, facebook and phone my friends at any moment, it was so nice to see them in person. Phone calls don’t take the place of getting together before the bachelorette party, or discussing five to seven year plans with Kyle, or sitting in Christie’s living room watching terrible lifetime movies. Miss you friends!

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